July is the Cruelest Month

I’m going to indulge myself in blogiarism… 😉

Matthew Dillon Hockey

NHL Network is showing the 1987 Finals, Game 7, Flyers and Oilers right now.

No spoilers. I think we all know who wins anyway.

I’m noticing a few things.

1. Jari Kurri wore a visor in 1987. Was he the first? (There are at least two guys without helmets playing in this game, for reference).

2. Gretzky is exactly as good as you think he is.

3. Neutral zone play is sloppy as hell. It’s totally hit and miss, connecting on passes.  Mostly miss.  A lot of chasing the puck.

4. But it’s not much different, other than that.  The biggest thing I see is that the skaters are just slightly slower. You can see this mostly on loose pucks along the boards. The modern eye anticipates them getting there, and they aren’t there yet, and it’s a weird disconnect.  It’s hard to describe — it’s like a glitch in…

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Marathon Packing List

I’ll take it! 🙂


I’ve sent this to sooo many people so many times, I figured it’d be easier to just post it here and share it. You’ll have to adjust it to YOUR needs, but after you do it once, it’ll take the stress out of any marathon, mostly if it’s out of town… there is waaaay too much stuff in there, yes, but it would serve you better to delete things than to forget to put them in there. They will remind you of things you need and I didn’t include! (whaaaat?)

I organized it in stages, so it’s both a packing list and a to-do list.

Week before
Prepare playlist
Clear GPS watch’s old data, just in case.

Grocery shopping (once in destination)
Salted pretzels
Bread, cookies
Dark chocolate

Day before the marathon
Eat (nutella, Gatorade, Pretzels, salt) -prepare what you’ll eat…

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